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Scholarship for High School Graduates – WIN A $500 SCHOLARSHIP

Ellison Travel & Tours is giving away Four $500 SCHOLARSHIPS in 2018

Are you a secondary school student who has travelled on an Ellison Travel & Tours school trip and are graduating from secondary school in Spring 2018? Show us your photography skills and you will have an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship from Ellison Travel & Tours! To qualify, simply submit a photo from your school trip arranged by Ellison Travel which includes the following 3 components:

  1. Photo must be of the student travelling on a school trip organized by ET during their graduation year;
  2. Ellison Travel & Tours’ logo must appear in the photo somewhere;
  3. A tourist attraction must be in the background;

To register for this scholarship complete the entry form, attach your photo and submit to us. Please note the picture submitted may be used for future marketing purposes.

Contest Rules:

  1. Photo must be of a student travelling on school trip organized by ET during the year the student graduates;
  2. Ellison Travel & Tours’ logo must appear in the photo somewhere;
  3. A tourist attraction must be in the background;
  4. Photo submitted must be of the student entering the contest;
  5. Entrants must graduate during the 2017/2018 school year;
  6. Draw will take place August 1, 2018
Submit your scholarship entry here!

Other Scholarship Opportunities

mlhMary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund

The Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund sponsors under-privileged students in Ontario to travel on educational school trips. Many of these students have never been outside their own neighbourhoods due to financial restrictions. Many are required to support their families and funding for travel is simply out of the question. Some have learning and physical disabilities where a class trip may be the only opportunity to see outside the community in their lifetime.

Travel allows them to be part of their peer group, to get away from their daily stresses and provides them with the opportunity to learn by experiencing new destinations and activities. Whether students travel to their nation’s capital in Ottawa or to the Masai Mara in Kenya, the experience contributes to the students’ knowledge and personal growth.

The Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund provides travel scholarships to students at the elementary and high school level. These scholarships are awarded to students in good standing who would otherwise not be able to travel with their class due to financial restrictions. Students are nominated by one of the faculty and endorsed by the principal. The MLH Youth Fund has received tremendous encouragement from the various boards of education and is viewed as a vital support to “out-of-the-classroom” education.  Ellison Travel & Tours is proud to be a charter sponsor.

For more information go to http://www.marylynnhigginsyouthfund.org


Cathy Bragg Scholarships

Cathy Bragg’s life was transformed by education and enriched by travel. Originally from Toronto, Cathy and her late husband, Larry Barnsley, built the home of their dreams in Grand Bend and moved there permanently in 2002. Prior to this, Cathy held senior level positions in the insurance industry. In her early 50s, she decided to change careers and enrolled in the Human Resources Management program at Lambton College in Sarnia, graduating at the top of her class. This led directly to a human resource career at Bluewater Recycling Association, that she held until her death in 2014. Friends of Cathy’s believe that a commemorative annual scholarship reserved for kids in the Grand Bend area, enabling them to share travel experiences with their classmates, is a fitting way to honour Cathy’s memory and help keep her values alive. In her memory two $500 scholarships will be awarded to disadvantaged students in Huron County who meet all requirements of the MLH application and are outstanding in community service work.  Click to apply. Criteria to be eligible for this scholarship can be found here.

ET_Social_Media_logoEllison Travel & Tours – MusicFest Canada Scholarship

As a sponsor of Musicfest Canada, Ellison Travel & Tours appreciates the value of this exceptional festival and in 2007 began granting a cash award at the festival as chosen by a panel of esteemed festival adjudicators and we are proud to continue this tradition. In 2016 we are offering two awards: Ellison Travel Outstanding Chorister Scholarship  & Ellison Travel Vocal Scholarship 

syta youth foundation

SYTA Youth Foundation

The SYTA Youth Foundation provides students/youth financial resources and programming through travel experiences that impact the lives of tomorrow’s global citizens. The purpose of the Foundation is to design and implement programs that “Give Something Back” to student and youth travelers. SYF offers four scholarship/grant programs including: Ripley Hunter “World is a Classroom” Essay Contest, created for secondary school students grades 9-12 who wish to share a special travel experience in the form of a written essay.Road Scholarship Program awards funds to youth who, for various reasons are unable to afford the cost of their group’s educational travel. Silver Lining Program recognizes deserving youth who have demonstrated through their action, intention, or circumstance, the desire to expand their awareness, creating a dramatic life change. Running for Youth Program uses long distance running/walking as a symbol of endurance and hope. The goal is simple – to raise money for youth to travel with their schools or youth organizations. Participants on the Run Team fundraise on behalf of the SYTA Youth Foundation, train and participate in a marathon or half-marathon, and run in honor of a student who has been chosen to receive a Roads Scholarship. In exchange for participation, Run Team members receive roundtrip airfare, lodging, and entry into the selected Marathon. Click here for more details on SYF programs. Ellison Travel & Tours is proud to be a founding sponsor.