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Take your students to some of the world’s most captivating geographical & historical sites!

Canadian Battlefield Tours for Student - History Tours for Students

Canadian Battlefield Tours for Students

Remembrance tours expose your students to a part of our history that remind them of Canada’s involvement in the Great Wars of the 20th Century.  Read more about the popularity of battlefield tours and how to prepare your students here…

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History Tours for Students

History Tours for Students

History not only teaches us about the past, it prepares us for the future. Whether your goal is to inspire appreciation of our Canadian history here in Canada or to discover the ancient secrets of the Romans in Italy, our tour managers will assist you to create a tour that will fulfill the needs of your curriculum and motivate your students to learn from the past as they look to the future.

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Geography Tours with Ellison Travel & Tours

Geography Tours for Students

Do your students know what the seven wonders of the world are and their impact on modern society? From learning why a mountain was formed to understanding why a particular economic industry is suffering, studying geography provides us with a well-rounded view of the world. With the preservation of our environment in the forefront, the study of geography has never been so important. Our travel planners will work with you to customize a tour to fit your curriculum and provide life-changing experiences for your students

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