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Battlefields Tour of France and Belgium featuring Dunkirk
July 8-21, 2018
14-day tour of France & Belgium

From Vimy Ridge to Juno Beach, this is an opportunity to visit  Canada’s battlefields of distinction. Experience our shared history in Europe at key destinations in Flanders, Normandy and Paris, with Optional Excursions to Bruges, Versailles, the Louvre and more! The tour will also include a special visit to Dunkirk, scene of the blockbuster 2017 movie. Join CanHist Tours’ History Hosts Chris Evans and Neil Orford, as they explore the stories and tour the sites of Canada’s rich military and cultural history in France and Belgium.

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Why choose Ellison Travel & Tours for your Military Tour?

  • Our tour managers are experienced and knowledgeable in Canadian military history.

  • Our expert local guides feature the Canadian perspective.

  • We offer fully customized tours for both adult and student groups – your tour, your way!

  • We are experts at managing group sizes that allow you to follow effectively in the footsteps of Canadians.

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Here’s what our clients have to say...

We are always so pleased with the level of preparedness, enthusiasm and professionalism of all of the groups and staff with Ellison; it is truly a joy for our guides, my colleagues and me, from the reservation to the end of the visit, to work with you to promote Canadian travel to the battlefields. Keep up the great work!
Rebecca Cline, Customer Service Manager, Juno Beach Centre
A long time student of Canadian military history and retired professional Army Officer, I participated in a tour orchestrated by Ellison Tours to the Canadian WW I and II battlefields of Belgium and France. In my estimation, our tour was masterfully planned and executed to ensure we saw the maximum and appreciated the significance of our visits throughout, with excellent commentary by our knowledgeable Ellison guide, augmented on occasion by local experts. I found the willingness/flexibility of our guide and driver to accommodate the unique desires of tour members outstanding. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Ellison to any potential customer seeking a quality travel experience.
Colonel Allan Methven (Retd)

Our Canadian Battlefield Tour Managers

Dennis Mak Makowetsky

Mak was a teacher in South Western Ontario for more than 30 years, and the Head of History, Geography and Social Science for 25 of them. In the course of his career, he taught history in Nottinghamshire, England for one year, and at the Canadian College in Lanciano, Italy for three and a half years. Since 2005, Mak has been involved in tour managing, tour designing and sales with Ellison Travel & Tours. He has increasingly specialized in World War I & II battle tours in Normandy, Belgium, Holland and Italy and looks forward to designing and escorting your group on an inspirational military tour in Europe.

Al Dahlo - Tour Manager

Al, a History and Geography major, began his career as a teacher and department head of Social Studies in Burnaby, during which time he helped organize tours with students throughout Canada and abroad. During the late 1980’s he became a federal election official and made several trips to Africa as a UN observer in Namibia, and as an election official and worked in Moscow helping to develop a democracy curriculum for Russian students. In mid 90’s Al took a leave from teaching to live in Jerusalem, where he managed a training assistance program on behalf of the American government with the Palestinian Authority and remained in the Middle East the summers of 1999 & 2000 working for a project of the Canadian Int’l Development Agency. Al’s travel experiences are varied, extensive and vastly enriching.